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School Window Tinting

Window tinting is particularly beneficial in the education sector.

  • Reduce harmful UV rays by 99%
  • Cut glare
  • Reduce heat
  • Increase safety and security
  • Save energy
  • Avoid distractions outside the classroom
  • Reduce the risk of vandalism repairs
  • Comply with H&S requirements

We fully appreciate that the classroom environment affects a learner’s mental attitude and performance.  A common problem faced in the classroom is reflections on interactive whiteboards and PC screens.  Window tinting reduces glare whilst still allowing enough light for pupils to see other reference materials such as text books or an adjacent conventional whiteboard.

Blinds can be very expensive and can quickly become damaged and dirty, particularly in schools. They also gather dust quickly and can be very time consuming to keep clean. Window tints have none of these disadvantages and can often be cheaper to install than blinds.  They also offer increased safety and security, for example preventing broken glass from shattering into the classroom in areas prone to breakages caused by ball games.

All tinting is carried out by fully competent professionals

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