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Commercial Window Tinting

We tint commercial buildings!

Commercial buildings today feature large amounts of glass and using the correct window film is a simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly way of enhancing its performance.  The use of window film makes financial sense, it combines safety, security and comfort while reducing building energy costs.  Improving the performance of the glass without going through the expense of replacing it.


Over 60% of commercial buildings in the UK use air conditioning.  Window film is the obvious answer in creating more efficient energy consumption, as it can reduce the internal temperature by up to 15 degrees thus cutting down on the need for air conditioning.  This in turn can save considerable money and being an eco-friendly product will help reduce a buildings carbon footprint significantly.

Window film not only reduces the heat entering the building, but also the sun’s glare and damaging UV rays.  This enables businesses to increase productivity by improving the working conditions for their employees.

Retail Industry

Within the retail industry, shop fronts and retail outlets are able to prevent stock fading, avoid the build up of excessive heat and reduce the risk of glass damage and breakage, while maintaining the visibility and daylight needed in the store.

Our window films improve safety and security by holding the glass together in the event of breakage, whether from break-ins, vandalism, bomb blasts or even turbulent weather.

All tinting is carried out by fully competent professionals

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